RDA Foundation

ABN 644 2858 7064

The RDA Foundation was established by the owners of RDA-EBC BRAKES to give back to the society in which it continues to operate.

The RDA Foundation was born out of recognition of the following;-

  • In 25 years of self employment the requests for Aid, Assistance and Support never go away.
  • Like all good things a plan to give in a structured ongoing program in a directed manner is better than “knee jerk” reactions and “on the spot/at call” donations.
  • Government and Economic Health cannot possibly cure all social and financial injustice and ongoing environmental issues.
  • There is simply never enough money to go around.

The RDA Foundation recently celebrated its second anniversary and funds various programs covering topics of interest/ concern/ relevance to the owners and staff of RDA-EBC BRAKES.

The current funding programs undertaken by the RDA Foundation is a significant six figure sum annually to aid and assist in the following;-

  • Domestic Violence support services.
  • Poverty and Hunger on the local and world stage.
  • Children and family sickness and care.
  • Animal Conservation.

In the past, the staff of RDA-EBC BRAKES would donate money and wages forgone, to significant events that they felt strongly about in assisting. 

On the basis of this, the directors of RDA-EBC BRAKES became comfortable in dedicating money and resources to provide the “energy for caring” and to provide an ongoing platform and structure, to make a difference.

  • A % of all items sold by RDA-EBC BRAKES is set aside to fund and grow the projects identified by the RDA Foundation as featured funding programs.

It is a credit to the hardworking efforts of all RDA-EBC BRAKES staff that even in trying economic times, that I am inspired to “divert” funds out of RDA-EBC BRAKES, into such humanitarian programs. 100% of all funds set aside are placed into ongoing programs in the interest of providing a “hand up not a hand out”.

For the RDA Foundation

Les Smith- Managing Director.