When kangaroos meet sheep: an Australian Targa crew in Scotland

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Update of the guys over at Red Back Racing while over in Scotland. Congratulations are in order as they have won there class in a Honda Civic Type R.

you can read up on them




Targa Tasmania 2013 update

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There were a number of stage wins at Targa Tasmania 2013 but unfortunately a blown turbo put them out of the running while still in touch with the leading pair at the end of day 3. 

Matt and Casey Close are world leaders when it comes to making Audi TTRS' go fast! They're always a threat to the White's Lamborghini Gallardo and regularly beat the field of GTRs and Porsches. Even with brake problems causing issues for the team throughout Targa Tasmania 2013 the team were in 3rd position well within striking distance of the leading Lamborghini and GTR of Steve. With better tyre wear meaning the team had 4 new tyres at their disposal it was disappointing to see the cars Turbo fail, ending what could have been a great fight to the finish

Targa Tasmania 2013: Redback Racing RDA EBC Renault RS 250 Highlights

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Targa Tasmania 2013: Redback Racing RDA EBC Renault RS 250 Highlights

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Targa Tasmania 2013 - Showroom Day one wrap

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Renault hold 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place. We look into the rivalry between the RDA EBC Redback racing team and the factory Renault Sport team.check out the RDA EBC Redback racing team on our motorsport page

RDA-EBC BRAKES - New Rotor & Drum Finish and additional features.

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Ever moving forward, RDA-EBC BRAKES announces significant product finish changes and improvements, to its range of Brake Rotors and Brake Drums.

Our new finish incorporates features that will appeal to the motoring public and resellers alike.

All brake rotors and drums will now be coming through with a black passivation finish, similar to the blueing process used on gun barrels.

This easy to wipe off finish, replaces the need to wash down the heavy duty packing/storage oil, used in the past.

A sure winner with reduced fitment times for all fitters.

You can read more about it here

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